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Two Activists Arrested Disrupting Coal Giant Massey Energy's Shareholder's Meeting

Banner Saying "Stop Putting Profits Over People" Deployed in Meeting

Activists disrupted the annual general meeting of criminal corporation Massey Energy this morning in Richmond, VA. Two of the group were arrested as they demanded an end to Massey’s reckless disregard for human life, community health, and the environment.

As shareholders entered their meeting in the main ballroom of the sheik Jefferson Hotel, activists occupied the adjacent rotunda, chanting loudly and draping a massive banner over the ornate mezzanine railings. The 10’ x 10’ hand-painted banner read, “Massey – Stop Putting Profits Over People!”

“Coal mining is dangerous. It’s dangerous for workers, dangerous for surrounding communities, and dangerous for the future of our planet. It’s time we move off of our dependency on coal and transition to a just, safe, clean energy future.” said Kate Rooth of DC Rising Tide, one of those who disrupted the meeting. “Massey Energy is notorious not only for putting their bottom dollar over people’s safety, but for driving people out their communities and poisoning their drinking water.”

Protesters loudly read an open letter to Massey (below) demanding they cease mountaintop removal coal mining, a practice that is destroying central Appalachian communities. A similar open letter was tendered by two activists who yesterday were assigned an outrageous $100,000 bail after non-violently blocking the driveway to Massey’s regional HQ in Boone County, WV.

As activists disrupted events inside, an estimated 1000 unionists and environmentalists rallied in the rain outside – albeit separately – to demand accountability for Massey’s despicable record of dangerous mine conditions, and its devastating social and ecological impact. Rally-goers pointed to the recent explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal, WV that killed 29 miners, and its mountaintop removal operations throughout Appalachia in their indictment of Massey’s corporate greed.

The activists arrested today in Richmond, Kate Finneran and Oscar Ramirez, remain in custody as Massey Energy continues jeopardizing workers’ lives and blasting apart mountaintops and communities throughout Appalachia.


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If you dont like coal cut your lights out! Why dont you look at B.P. owners what have they done you think the wind is going to blow all the time sunshine day and night mining is very danger for workers they get paid good and know the dangers you green people need to get a life yes go to the moon and live

How could it be possible to

How could it be possible to disrupt a meeting that easy? All I can say that the activist did the most effective way that can really cause the Massey Energy to shut down their operations. The only question here is, will that be enough to affect every investor's decision?

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Power plants truly are a

Power plants truly are a difficult subject. A lot of us thought that nuclear was somewhat safe and more environmental than coal but I'm starting to change my mind. Just wondering though, what would the effects be if a "coal plant" was destroyed? A genuine thought about coal Vs nuclear.