The "No Coal Zone" with Mike Roselle. If only.....

Is Fox replacing O'Reilly with Roselle? If only....

I often think about where the next backlash against the No Coal Movement is going to manifest next. Sometimes it's the pro-coal front groups following coal activists on Twitter and spamming our blogs. Sometimes it's disgusting "clean coal" ads running on TV. It's manifested in a pretty ugly way in West Virginia as community activists like Maria Gunnoe have faced threats of property destruction and physical harm.

West Virginia's local media seems to be on board with the pro-coal agenda as they engage in character assasination of prominenet activists joining the fight.

Environmentalist Mike Roselle, founder of Earth First!, The Ruckus Society and Rainforest Action Network, has moved to the Coal River Valley of West Virginia to non-violently confront the coal barons plotting to destroy Appalachia's mountains (case in point, Coal River Mountain). Last week, Roselle joined with 13 others, in the tradition of King and Gandhi, in putting their bodies on the line to stop mountaintop removal on Coal River Mountain.

Now a WV Fox news station has decided that Roselle is an "eco-terrorist" that uses "radical methods of protest may put lives at stake in West Virginia."


It's really interesting the way in which governments and corporations decide who is a terrorist and who isn't. Roselle has been a long time proponent of non-violent direct action in advocating for saving the planet. Some even consider him a decent god-fearing person.

Fox News (albeit locally) is acting as the propaganda arm of the coal industry and attacking non-violent activists for taking a stand. Their is a long list of violent tactics using firearms and vehicles against local WV activists that actually put lives at stake and rarely do we hear about that on Fox's airwaves.

It would be nice to get a little truth out of the Fox News' of the world for a change, although at this point I'd settle for a regular segment called the "No Coal Zone" featuring Mike Roselle for a little fair and balanced reporting.
Local WV Fox News station runs "The Roselle Report"