Coal is Dirty Exclusive

The Reality of Clean Coal [video]

A new campaign has been launched taking straight aim at the multi-million dollar effort by the coal industry and their front groups to convince us all that somehow the dirtiest energy source in the world is somehow clean.

The reality is that coal is dirty and the industry knows it. Why else would the coal companies funnel tens of millions to a group called Americans Coalition Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE)?

What's next?
Activist Toolkit

Joe The Spinner And His Clean Coal Merry-Go-Round

Joe Lucas of the ACCCE takes us for a ride on National Public Radio

Last night, I saw a great new television ad that told the truth about clean coal - that is, it emphasized that clean coal does not exist. The ad was launched by Al Gore's new "Reality Campaign", which is an effort by multiple environmental groups to expose the myth of clean coal.

Cliffside Coal plant air permit revoked

Asheville judge revokes permit on grounds that plant fails to meet standards for mercury regulation.

On December 2nd a federal court in Asheville NC found the Duke Energy 800 MW Cliffside Coal Power Plant in violation of the Clean Air Act. This decision will force Duke energy to meet pollution control requirements for mercury regulation within the next 70 days. And if they fail to? The court could halt construction of the plant.

The court ruled in favor of conservation groups denying Duke's arguement that the plant qualified for a loophole in the law allowing them to avoid federal pollution regulation.

Direct action in the climate movement on the rise

Protests happening worldwide to challenge coal and lack of government action

I spent
the past couple of days talking with a longtime movement friend of mine
who has been organizing civil disobedience and mass mobilizations since

Cross-Pollinating the True Meaning of Coal

Maine Artist Collective Creates Visual Tool for Coalfield Organizers

The Beehive Collective, a Maine-based artist collective known for creating beautiful pieces of movement related visual art, are in the process of making a graphic about "The Story of Coal."  After months of research, travel, conversation, sketching, deliberating and head-scratching, the Beehive Collective began to put together a complicated visual narrative that begins with coal 360 million years ago, travels through the streams and earth right into the global crisis known as climate change. 

I'm ready for the National Day of Action against Coal, are you?

Join thousands on Nov. 14-15 as we say "Ya Basta" to King Coal

Over the past year, thousands of people have been part of the anti-coal movement taking action against the coal and coal finance sectors.

AND the struggle continues.

Taking on King Coal

New Article in Time magazine about direct action and the coal movement

If coal is clean, why's it still causing black lung?

Three more retired coal miners died of black lung today. Over 105,000 Americans have suffered and died from black lung related diseases; 10,000 miners, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, have died from black lung in the last decade.

Top coal CEO pessimistic about carbon capture and storage

One of the most compelling chapters in the PBS Frontline 2-hour special on global warming that aired earlier this week was the segment on America's Addiction to Coal. PBS dives headfirst into the myth of clean coal and pretty much tears it apart using something we don't often see these days when it come US energy issues: facts.

And the most complete take-down of "clean coal" in the segment came from the CEO of the second largest coal electricity company in the US.

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