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Clean Coal Lobby has their Work Cut Out for Them

I remember it was almost a year ago now that we started Coal is Dirty and it's lonely little single page orphan site Coal is Clean. Since then the oppostion to the spindoctors and coal lobbyists spending millions to try and refram coal as somehow being clean has grown leaps and bounds.

Here's a small sampling of some of the many bloggers who have done a great job at dispelling this myth.

Celebrate, C'mon! (Seriously, please c'mon) Anti-coal protesters out on Monday: ~2,500 Pro-coal protesters out on Monday: 15 + this guy.

On Monday afternoon, pro-coal activists like the impassioned young man shown above gathered near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. as part of a “Celebrate Coal!” counter-protest against a massive anti-coal rally taking place at the nearby Capitol Power Plant.


"Clean" Coal and "Healthy" Cigarettes - Coal Industry Huckster Won't Admit Burning Coal Causes Climate Change

Joe Lucas has a hard job. He's the PR huckster that heads up the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, the front group that shills for the coal industry.


What's next?
Activist Toolkit

Obama: Its time to Power Past Coal

Halfway through the first 100 days and over 100 actions already taken against coal

This week in the Little Village of Chicago, fifty high school students will hurdle over coal piles and race past power plants for the 2009 Coal-Olympics competition.  These respirator-clad youth aren’t just running for fun – they know that two coal plants in their backyards are making their families sick and causing global warming, and they want their President to do something about it. 

The Coal-Olympics are part of

Reintroduced Clean Water Act Could Mean the end of Toxic Coal Water

It's official: The first shot has been fired in the legislative battle to end the devastating practice of mountaintop removal mining in central Appalachia.

With the quickly growing and extraordinary nationwide support of over 115 co-sponsors, including 17 members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the United States House of Representatives, US Rep. John Yarmuth from Kentucky's embattled state of coal joined US Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and Republican US Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA) in reintroducing the Clean Water Protection Act today.

Susan Sarandon Says End Coal on March 2

New Video Promoting the Capitol Climate Action

Susan Sarandon has made a video promoting the Capitol Climate Action.

Check out the video here

The "No Coal Zone" with Mike Roselle. If only.....

Local WV Fox News station runs "The Roselle Report"

Is Fox replacing O'Reilly with Roselle? If only....

Political trickery keeping Kansas coal plans alive

If you thought the application to expand a coal-fired electricity plant in Kansas was dead, think again.

Big Coal and their political allies in the Kansas State legislature have introduced a slick new Bill that if passed will make it very difficult for the massive Sunflower Electric coal plant expansion to not go ahead.

Putting lipstick on the coal pig

When people argue that the use of coal and other fossil fuels is still cheaper than renewable energy they usually (and conveniently) fail to mention the external costs of fossil fuels that aren't factored into the price of burning of these dirty fuels.

On the Wall Street Journal's Environment Capital blog today there's a great post explaining how:

A Tough Week for Coal

NY Times blog Green Inc. reports on a week of media on coal

Our friends at Green Inc couldn't have said it better, its been a tough week for coal. Here we have cross posted their compilation of coal in the news this week:

A Tough Week for Coal

by: Tom Zeller Jr. 

Civil disobedience campaign launched at Massey Energy mountaintop-removal site

"Give me but a banner to plant upon the mountains of West Augusta, and I will rally about it the brave men who will lift our bleeding country from the dust, and set her free."

-- George Washington, 1779

Coal Activists Dress to Impress at Capital Climate Action

Strategy-Be Square and Be There!

Here's a great post by my friend and comrade Joshua Kahn Russell about dressing to impress at the Capital Climate Action. 

The Capital Climate Action is escalating the climate movement to a new level on March 2.  Thousands are expected to participate and put their bodies on the line to stop the build out of coal plants and increased coal extraction. 

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