Take Action: Power Past Coal

Coal is dirty and deadly. From mining, to waste disposal, to the burning of coal. The recent TVA spills have awoken the nation to the gravity of this problem. Now, its time for us to Power Past Coal: Expose the True Cost of Coal and Plug into New Power.

On January 21st, groups and individuals from New Mexico to New England, Appalachia to Alaska will be committing to fight coal injustice and build a new power for clean energy by embarking in 100 days of action during the first 100 days of Obama's presidency. 

Power Past Coal will bring together hundreds of independent actions from all over the country to bring national attention the impacts of coal on each and every one of us and demand a transition to a more clean and just energy future.  The movement against coal is growing stronger and larger every day. Just last week David Freeman, former head of Tennessee Valley Authority, said "It's time that we outlawed new coal-fired plants and start systematically by age, shutting down the old ones" (read the transcript from Living on Earth). 

Next week’s inauguration marks a moment of hope for our country. But we can’t just sit back and wait for the new administration to tackle these issues. I hope you will share in my enthusiasm for this new initiative and get involved.  

Also, I hope you will join me and thousands of others in DC on March 2nd when we take action here in our nation’s capitol at the Capitol Climate Action.

We’ve lobbied, we’ve passed policies, we’ve educated, we’ve agitated and still our government talks about the promise of “clean” coal. We know it’s a myth, a political tool and a lifeline for the coal industry, so its time we take it to the next level and demand real change.

Initiaive to collaborate 100 days of action against dirty coal.