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Give the gift of asthma and a warmer planet this Christmas

Nothing like a Christmassy marketing campaign from the coal lobby to get you in the holiday spirit.

I don't even know what you call the latest marketing ploy by the coal industry lobby group the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE). But if there's one thing that is for certain it's that ACCCE has way too much time and money on their hands.

I encourage you to check out ACCCE's Clean Coal Carolers - I really don't mind sending a bunch of traffic their way because this latest publicity stunt is absolutely absurd and shows just how far the coal lobby is willing to go to market their dirty product as somehow being clean. In fact, I think you should send this to everyone you know, show them how ridiculous and over-the-top this clean coal marketing has actually become.

ACCCE's dancing coal carolers actually remind me of another marketing campaign from a few years back, maybe it's where they found their inspiration.

Or maybe it was this wonderful Christmas campaign.

These cute little bundles of mercury and soot even have a cute little Facebook page. By the looks of the number of "fans" they have though, it looks like nobody' buying into this marketing garbage.

Does ACCE honestly think that people will send this around like we all did the OfficeMax Dancing Elves last Christmas? What about the families of the estimated 24,000 people a year in the US who die prematurely because of pollution from coal-fired power plants? I wonder if they think these little coal carolers are funny?

Nothing like mercury emissions, asthma attacks and melting polar ice-caps to get me in the holiday spirit.

Maybe ACCCE thinks that this all very funny and maybe people like me pointing out the absolute idiocy of their coal carolers will look like the Scrooge. Who knows what they were thinking, but I can't imagine that even the coal companies footing ACCCE's multi-million dollar lobbying campaign will think that this latest stunt is anything but blatant over-the-top marketing blather.

What's next?
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The coal mining industry is

The coal mining industry is a multibillion dollar industry not just in the US but around the world, so why would they not jump on to the multimedia and social media marketing? As with most large corporations, it’s the bottom-line that really matters. Who cares if their workers fall seriously ill and die even? Who cares if their by-product pollutes the earth to the extent of no return? It’s the bottom-line, the ROI, it’s $$$$. It’s sickening but a fact of life. You have probably read about the thousands of lives lost in the coal mines in China but guess who their biggest buyers are? Developed nations thirsting for energy supply, that’s who. To stop the industry from growing and flaunting their ware on your face, there should be laws against the buying of such energy since there is other alternative energy available right now. These laws should be enforced by large economies like the US for example. This corporations should be told to look for alternative energy or else. While writing this, I do realize how futile an attempt this would be as these large corporations put money on the US economy’s plate so who am I to judge them but I still firmly believe that if enough people are disgusted with their attempts of destroying the earth and make noise, we will be heard and something will be done in the long run. At least I hope so!
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This is a really interesting find for sure. Thanks for the great tips!

. In fact, I think you

. In fact, I think you should send this to everyone you know, show them how ridiculous and over-the-top this clean coal marketing has actually become. Interesting point of view!

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