Eleven Arrested at Coal Protest in Wise County Va.

Yesterday a group of more than twenty-five activists from
around the country entered and blockaded the construction site of Dominion
Virginia Power's new coal-fired power plant in Wise County, VA

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Eleven people who locked themselves to steel drums with functional solar panels attached were arrested.

Action video available here:


Several hours later, Rainforest Action Network activists in San Francisco infiltrated Bank of America's annual investors conference and projected photographs from this morning's action in Virginia behind Dominion CEO Thomas F.
Farrell as he spoke. The images, which you can see on RAN's flickr site, stayed
up for fifteen minutes. Flickr:


Blog reportback: http://understory.ran.org/2008/09/15/dominion-ceo-punkd/

Local groups have been fighting this plant through every
available legal means: hundreds of people have turned out to rallies and hearings, and more than 45,000 people have signed a petition opposing the plant
and contacting Virginia’s

After the Aug 14th groundbreaking ceremony of the
coal site, residents of the area fearing increased adverse health effects from the plant called for the support of coal activists around the country. Activists came from Tennessee
to California who refuse to see any more
Mountaintop Removal coal mining, and want to build a clean energy system that
revives Appalachia’s struggling economy.

Right now a movement is growing. And it’s growing quickly. I
hope  ou’ll watch today’s video, look at the photos, read the reports, and see
what I see: an amazing opportunity.


Dominion coal construction site targeted, CEO embarrased by protest photos during speech