Dr. James Hansen Calls for Civil Disobedience at Capitol Coal Plant on March 2

Dr. James Hansen, the internationally recoginized climatologist has released a public service announcment, calling on all of us to join the Capitol Climate Action, the largest civil disobedience against global warming in U.S. history.

“It’s time to take a stand on global warming,” Dr. Hansen says in the video. “We want to send a message to Congress and the President that we want them to take the actions that are needed to preserve climate for young people and future generations and all life on earth.”

Over 70 public health, environmental justice, climate, faith-based, peace and labour organizations and individuals including Bill McKibben, Wendell Barry, Paul Hawken, Noam Chomsky, Rev. Lennox Yearwood and Rabbi Michael Lerner, have endorsed the Capitol Climate Action.

Coal-fired power plants are largest source of global warming pollution in the country, and the Capitol plant is widely regarded as a symbol of the country’s dangerous reliance on the fossil fuel. Burning coal also cuts short at least 24,000 lives in the U.S. annually, inflicts catastrophic damage to the landscape and water supplies and jeopardizes the lives of coal miners. Furthermore, coal leads to approximately $167 billion in healthcare costs annually and diverts scarce resources away from energy efficiency and clean energy, which create more than twice as many jobs per dollar as money for coal. 

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New Video of Noted Scientist Call for Join Capitol Climate Action