14 Arrested in Anti-Coal Action at TVA Headquarters

United Mountain Defense and Mountain Justice Take a Stand in Knoxville
Watch out King Coal, we’re coming for you.

Today, fourteen activists from local Appalachian communities and other parts of the country were arrested at Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) headquarters in Knoxville, TN.
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Take Action: Power Past Coal

Initiaive to collaborate 100 days of action against dirty coal.

Coal is dirty and deadly. From mining, to waste disposal, to the burning of coal. The recent TVA spills have awoken the nation to the gravity of this problem. Now, its time for us to Power Past Coal: Expose the True Cost of Coal and Plug into New Power.

On January 21st, groups and individuals from New Mexico to New England, Appalachia to Alaska will be committing to fight coal injustice and build a new power for clean energy by embarking in 100 days of action during the first 100 days of Obama's presidency. 

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UPDATE: Not Exactly “Clean” Coal- Second TVA spill reported in Alabama

Investigation began Friday at the Widows Creek Coal burning power plant in northeastern Alabama as a gypsum pond was repored leaking.

You don’t have to search hard these days to find the examples of why coal is dirty. Friday morning Tennessee Valley Authority began investigating a leak from a gypsum pond at its Widows Creek coal-burning power plant in northeastern Alabama.

The Widows Creek Fossil Plant is located on Guntersville Reservoir on the Tennessee River. It has eight coal-fired units and was completed in 1965. The plant consumes about 10,000 tons of coal a day.

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Not Exactly "Clean" Coal:Coal Ash Slurry Pond Bursts in Tennessee

Coal Waste Spill 40 Times Bigger than Exxon Valdez

On Mon., Dec. 22, at 1:00 am, a coal slurry impoundment at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston coal fired power plant in Harriman, Tennessee spilled at least 525 million gallons of toxic coal ash into the Tennessee River and surrounding areas.

Check the Video Here 

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