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Breaking: Chicago Activists Occupy Local Coal Plant

6 Arrested with Banner Saying “Close Chicago’s Toxic Coal Plants.”

By Annie Sartor

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 This morning six local activists from Chicago climbed over a fence at the Crawford coal plant, scaled a mountain of coal, and unfurled a huge 7′ x 30′ banner reading “Close Chicago’s Toxic Coal Plants.” The toxic Crawford plant operates in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago and is surrounded on all sides by homes, shops, restaurants and schools.

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Two Activists Arrested Disrupting Coal Giant Massey Energy's Shareholder's Meeting

Banner Saying "Stop Putting Profits Over People" Deployed in Meeting
Activists disrupted the annual general meeting of criminal corporation Massey Energy this morning in Richmond, VA. Two of the group were arrested as they demanded an end to Massey’s reckless disregard for human life, community health, and the environment.

As shareholders entered their meeting in the main ballroom of the sheik Jefferson Hotel, activists occupied the adjacent rotunda, chanting loudly and draping a massive banner over the ornate mezzanine railings. The 10’ x 10’ hand-painted banner read, “Massey – Stop Putting Profits Over People!”
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DC Rising Tide:Pepco(al) under Fire for Sourcing Electricity from Coal

Group Does Street Theater on Mountaintop Removal
DC residents with the activist group DC Rising Tide today publicly presented their demands that Pepco stop sourcing electricity from coal, and particularly coal from mountaintop removal coal mining.  The activists made their demands for renewable energy with a theatrical fight between “Pepcoal” and wind power in front of the headquarters of Pepco and its parent company Pepco Holdings.

“As a DC resident receiving my power from Pepco, I am outraged that most of that electricity comes from burning coal, especially from coal f

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“Even a Dummy like Me Can See that Coal has No Future"

Mannequins for Climate Justice demand an end to funding of coal industry, foreclosure evictions
This is pretty hillarious.  Fossil Fool's Day get's an early start.
Lone Protester Shuts Down Bank; Mannequin demands end to funding of coal industry, foreclosure evictions
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Activists expose coal-to-liquids as a false solution

DC Rising Tide activists disrupt 2009 World Coal to Liquids Conference and demand real solutions.

Local activists with DC Rising Tide interrupted a coal industry conference today at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. They denounced coal-to-liquid technology as a corporate scam.

Coal to liquid and carbon capture technologies have been used as a life line for the coal industry. Those who oppose this technology recognize that it is a path which only worsens our reliance on destructive fossil fuels. 

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Rising Tide Closes Down World’s Largest Coal Port

Australian Direct Action Group uses "People's Flotilla" to Shut Port Down for 11 Hours
Blockades organized by Rising Tide Australia have closed down the Port of Newcastle for the day. The Port of Newcastle, 100km north of Sydney on Australia's east coast is the world's largest coal port, transferring coal mined in the Hunter valley for export.
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Rising Tide Blockades Australia’s largest coal plant

Group begins shutdown of Australia's dirtiest plants using direct action

Rising Tide Australia leads the way again.

 From their media release:

“Four people have chained themselves to the main
conveyor belt at Bayswater power station this morning to stop coal
feeding into Australia’s largest coal fired power station. They are
joined by more than thirty other protestors who are occupying the
stations coal stock-piles.

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