Activists occupy 5 Italian Coal Plants during G8 Summit

During day two of the G8 actions worldwide ramp up and demand stronger leadership

At least 100 demonstrators took part in protests at coal fired power plants in Brindisi, Marghera, Porto Tolle, Vado Ligure and Civitavecchia as part of worldwide actions targeting world leaders meeting at the G8 Summit in Italy.

G8 leaders must stop putting the interests of polluting industries such as coal ahead of the climate, Greenpeace said.

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Grassroots Activists Demand Power Past Coal from Nations Top Leaders

On President Obama's 100th day in office, presentations to Congress, EPA and CEQ highlight coal injustices and alternatives

On April 30th, the 100th day of the new presidency, six grassroots delegates from communities disadvantaged by coal mining, processing, and burning will meet with Representatives of Congress, the EPA, and CEQ. The events are part of an inaugural effort to generate a unified voice for the transition away from coal from a diverse coalition of citizens, including those advocating for climate policy, environmental justice and indigenous rights.

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Obama: Its time to Power Past Coal

Halfway through the first 100 days and over 100 actions already taken against coal
This week in the Little Village of Chicago, fifty high school students will hurdle over coal piles and race past power plants for the 2009 Coal-Olympics competition.  These respirator-clad youth aren’t just running for fun – they know that two coal plants in their backyards are making their families sick and causing global warming, and they want their President to do something about it. 

The Coal-Olympics are part of

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Is Your Congressperson in bed with King Coal?

New online tool allows users to track the flow of coal money in US politics.

Want to find out how much coal money your legislators are taking from an industry that has buried more than 1000 miles of streams, and destroyed more than 470 mountaintops in Central Appalachia alone?

FollowTheCoalMoney.org, a joint project of Oil Change International and Appalachian Voices, tracks the dirty coal money funding our Congress.

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