David Ratcliffe

Top coal CEO pessimistic about carbon capture and storage

One of the most compelling chapters in the PBS Frontline 2-hour special on global warming that aired earlier this week was the segment on America's Addiction to Coal. PBS dives headfirst into the myth of clean coal and pretty much tears it apart using something we don't often see these days when it come US energy issues: facts.

And the most complete take-down of "clean coal" in the segment came from the CEO of the second largest coal electricity company in the US.

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Carbon Capture and Storage, Clean Coal far from ready- Industry agrees

CEO's of Southern Co and Duke Energy among others admit CCS is far from ready for primetime.

There is a lot of skepticism of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology out there, but now even the industry is admitting that the technology is far from ready. E&ENews reporter Kathering Ling recently wrote on the annual meeting for Edison Electric Institute (EEI). David Ratcliffe, CEO Southern Company was quoted saying the following:

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