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Breaking:Activists Stop Strip Mining Machine on Coal River Mountain

Four lock themselves to equipment to stop MTR operations

It was usually around July you could go up there and sit and it was like the annual bear gathering up there… The whole area was full of laurels. The bears had tunnels through them, it was so thick…What’s going on today you know with the Brushy Fork of course, that whole area has just about been stripped out now, and that’s all been taken away.” Ed Wiley on Coal River Mountain.

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King Coal Sues Coal River MountainTree-Sitters in Federal Court

As campaign escalates so do the legal battles

The nine day Coal River Mountain tree-sit that ended on Friday has entered a new phase. Mining giant Massey Energy has filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) in federal court and sued five activists that were part of the action for $75,000 in damages. Ken Ward from the WV Gazette posted the opinion here.

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Hundreds Rally to Save Coal River Mountain Today

Robert F. Kennedy Joins Coalfield Residents at WV Dept. of Environmental Protection

Today over 300 coalfield residents and their allies rallied to stop the blasting of Coal River Mountain and to transition to a clean energy future at the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.  Coal River Mountain, the site of a proposed wind farm if blasting can be halted, has become a line in the sand in the fight against mountaintop removal coal mining.

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Save Coal River Mountain Rally and Protest; Charleston WV; Dec 7 at 2pm

Activists to Rally at WV Dept. of Environmental Protection HQ
Seriously, if you aren’t going to be Copenhagen, ask yourself why won’t you be in West Virginia defending Coal River Mountain on Dec 7?

As climate justice movements turn towards the floundering talks in Denmark, people in Appalachia are in the fight of their lives to save Coal River Mountain and end mountaintop removal.  On Dec. 7, we’ll be rallying and protesting at the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) demanding that they stop the blasting on Coal River Mountain.

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Coal River Mountain: “Thus Far and No Further”

Residents and Environmental Vow to Fight to Save Coal River Mountain
We’ve heard and seen evidence that Massey Energy is now clearing and blasting for coal extraction on Coal River Mountain. We’ve had a lot of victories in the past few months, but this is ours and our allies line in the sand. Coal River Mountain is the symbol of our clean energy future and the dirty ugly past where corporations put profit over people.

Coal Rive Mountain is the site of a proposed wind farm.  Studies have shown that its ridges have the highest and most productive wind potential.

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