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Special Report: The Future of Energy

This weeks issue of the Economist tackles the enormous topic of “The future of energy”.

The article adresses solar, geothermal, biofuels, electric cars, nuclear power, and our favorite pipedream technology- carbon storage.

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Burning America's Addiction to Coal

By documentary filmmaker David Novack. Check out Novack's latest film Burning the Furture: Coal in America.



Several years ago, I interviewed a scientist, John, who was conducting a study of Mountain Elk in Kentucky.  The Elk had recently been reintroduced to the wild, and he was tracking their success.  

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Clean Coal Facts and Fiction on CNBC

Roanoke Times: Clean Coal is an oxymoron

Clean coal is an oxymoron. No kidding.

A great editorial this morning in Vermont's Roanoke Times on the idea of investing millions in clean coal technology and carbon capture and storage, when more affordable and proven renewable technologies are already further along in development and will be the answer to America's energy woes in the long term.

The editorial rightly concludes that:

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Fighting the Coal Industry on Facebook

Are you a Facebooker? Who isn't these days?

Now you can get updates on the latest we're up to on Coal is Dirty from our spanking new Coal is Dirty Facebook group.

Join up today! And if you want, take the extra minute, send this url for our group to all your Facebook contacts.



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Bill McKibben on Clean Coal

Renowned author and environmentalist Bill McKibben's take on the clean coal ads that were run in heavy rotation on CNN by a coal industry-funded group calling themselves American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity:

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Top 75 Best Blogs on Clean Coal

Indexing the "clean coal" blogosphere.

Building Coal is Dirty and its affiliate Coal is Clean was a very research-intensive process and in the process we came across a lot of great people and organizations blogging on clean coal.

I thought a list of the Top 75 bloggers - based on Technorati rankings, frequency of posting and cross-referenced with a Google blog search of the last 3 months - who write on the subject of clean coal would be helpful for anyone researching the issue.

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Protestors to Coal Train: Keep It In The Ground!

Actions speak louder than words in the fight to keep coal where it belongs... in the ground.

Sometimes, we all get a little caught up in talking and arguing about politics.

Talk is good - we need to be thoughtful, educated, and in conversation about the things in this world we oppose, and what things we support. But some people recognize that merely talking (or blogging) about problems and solutions and ideas is not enough - and if we are to actually build a better world we need to act.

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