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Coal Industry Front Group Holds Arkansas Clean Coal Technology Conference

Mark your calendars! On Thursday, July 17, 2008, the coal industry front group "American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity" (ACCCE) is co-sponsoring a conference in Hope, Arkansas.

From the press release:

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Aussie Coal Protest the Latest in a Growing Anti-Coal Resistance

A heated anti-coal demonstration in Newcastle, Australia yesterday is the latest in a string of protests worldwide.

Thirty seven demonstrators were arrested after about 1000 people
halted trains in Newcastle yesterday in a protest against the coal
industry's role in climate change.

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New report: coal industry firing, Green sector hiring

According to a new report out today by the Worldwatch Institute, a transition to renewable energy sources promises significant global job gains at a time when the coal industry has been hemorrhaging jobs for years.

In the United States alone, coal industry employment has fallen by half in the last 20 years, despite a one-third increase in production.

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Why Not a Renewable Energy War Supplemental?

"President Bush has signed a $162 billion war supplemental that will fund the wars in Iraq and Ahghanistan into 2009."

A report put out in October of 2005 by the Renewable Energy Policy Project, the Apollo Alliance and Policy Matters Ohio puts the $162 billion mentioned in the above headline into some perspective.

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Dear Prime Minister Fukuda: commitment from world leaders at the G8 Summit is not enough

Yesterday marked the beginning of the G8 Summit in Hokkaido Japan and already climate negotiations are underway. At last years summit, leaders from the eight leading industrial nations pledged to consider a 2050 target for curbing world emissions.

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Dear King Coal, We’re Not Kidding!

8 Arrested in Ohio Coal Plant Fight

So, I am new to blogging on Coal Is Dirty, but if you follow the other sites where I post -- Its Getting Hot In Here and RAN's Understory -- you'll see that I post ALOT about radical environmentalists fighting King Coal using non-violent direct action.

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Coal is Over, Mate!

Aussie climate activists step it up on the Coal front

A few years ago, I took some time to travel through Australia. While there I made friends with a number of Aussie climate activists and did a bit of organizing with them. They are beautiful people doing brilliant work.

Australian coal amounts to about 30% of the emissions coming from coal worldwide. They are selling it like crazy to East Asia. Australia is also deeply impacted by climate change (drought, rising sea levels etc).

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Coal becoming a dirty investment

Coal stocks are crashing amidst energy instability

Coal investors are taking some hits around the world.

Coal prices in the U.S., Europe and Australia fell 10% causing many investors to chose flight over fight. Falling coal prices wiped out about $25 billion from Australian resources stocks. The Dow Jones U.S. Coal Index tumbled 14%.

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