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Utility executive admits ‘clean coal’ could triple your energy bill

Wake Up, Democrats: Send Dirty Coal Packing

"When party activists gathered in Chicago to nominate Bill Clinton to a second term in 1996, Mr. Obama was making his first run for political office, but he did not have enough clout to get full access to the convention. Instead, he concluded that high-dollar breakfasts and dinners seemed to lock voters out of the system, grousing to a reporter, "The convention's for sale, right?" New York Times, August 27th, 2008.

Dirty Coal certainly thinks the Democratic convention is for sale.

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Even a Clean Coal staffer at the Democratic Convention thinks coal is dirty

On the ground sources at the Democratic National Convention are telling us that people aren't buying the clean coal propaganda being shoveled out by a major coal industry front group at the event.

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Major "clean coal" PR blitz by industry front group at Democratic Convention

People attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week are the target of a $2 million advertising and PR blitz by a coal industry-funded front group called the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) whose goal is to sell the idea that coal is somehow clean.

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Is Your Congressperson in bed with King Coal?

New online tool allows users to track the flow of coal money in US politics.

Want to find out how much coal money your legislators are taking from an industry that has buried more than 1000 miles of streams, and destroyed more than 470 mountaintops in Central Appalachia alone?, a joint project of Oil Change International and Appalachian Voices, tracks the dirty coal money funding our Congress.

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Dirty Coal Lobby Buys D.C.

The public isn’t buying the coal lobby’s high-priced ad campaign.  

They know that coal is dirty and has remained so for the last century.  But it seems to be falling on deaf ears amongst our politicians in Washington, D.C.

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Climate Camp: Answering The Call To Action

So, have you heard about Climate Camp? It's a name that's making news, and if you happen to be on the British side of the pond, you can join up activists from all walks of life to raise awareness about that dirty, dirty energy source known as coal. Greenpeace UK tells us:

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Want to join the fight against coal?