Wall Street Backs Away From Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Top 4 Banks Bail on Massey Energy
We’ve waged a long hard campaign against Wall Street the past 4 years to stop them from financing mountaintop removal.  Now we’re seeing some results!  Hooray for everyone who joined our work to stop MTR financing.

Top 4 US banks curb loans for destructive practice; Cut financing for Massey Energy

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No Coal, Not With Our Money!

Four Arrested in Lockdown at Citibank on Harvard Square

Today Rainforest Action Network, Rising Tide Boston along with a
number of community environmental and economic justice groups took
direct action against Citi and Bank of America on Harvard Square in
Cambridge, Ma.

Four were arrested as over 150 rallied to tell Wall Street's biggest banks "Not With Our Money."

Both banks have played strong roles in both the climate crisis and the financial crisis.

Pictures here.

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