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Scientists Finger Coal as Main Global Warming Culprit

Coal must go to save planet say leading experts

At the American Geophysical Union union meeting in San Francisco, Kenneth Caldeira of Stanford University presented new calculations that even if humanity zeroed out its use of oil, emissions from coal burning would rapidly push global warming to dangerous levels.

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Raising Kaine- VP Candidate Under Fire Over Coal

Governor's "Clean Coal" Capitulation Criticized

Pressure on Virginia Governor Tim "Coal is Clean" Kaine has escalated in recent days as he stepped out to push state level leadership on global warming. Southern states have lagged far behind Northeastern and Western state alliances to enact regional greenhouse gas reduction targets and emissions trading schemes. Kaine called for a Southern states alliance yesterday at the Southern Governors' Association meeting.

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Carbon Capture and Storage: A Coal and Electricity Industry Pipedream

The bottom line is that Carbon Capture and Storage is not ready for prime time

Well they’re at it again.

The coal industry has found yet another way to greenwash coal as an environmentally sound source of electricity through a concept called, “Carbon Capture and Storage” (or Sequestration), CCS.

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