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Updated Fact sheets on Coal

Here are some fact sheets Greenpeace has pulled together on topics to do with coal. Here are two new ones on Coal Ash, a basic fact sheet on Coaland one on the clean coal myth.

Quit Coal - Join the Movement

Check out Greenpeace's new Quit Coal website. This is a long term project and it starts now with you.

One of the main functions of the site is a Quit Coal Community Forum tool we've developed to enable and empower everyday people in their community to fight back against dirty coal plants.

We deserve safe and clean energy. Sign up today and join the movement to Quit Coal.

Here's a video we produced to introduce the project:


Duke Energy Quits Controversial Coal Lobby Front Group

In a potentially devastating move for the Washington, DC coal lobby, Duke Energy has announced that it is canceling its membership with the controversial American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE).

100 coal plants stopped since 2002

This piece is authored by  Zaher Karp.

The Sierra Club has been leading efforts to stop the construction of new coal plants and retire old ones. As of a statement Thursday, the Beyond Coal Campaign has discontinued or prevented the operation of 100 coal plants since 2002, preventing 400 million tons of CO2.

Advertising Company Behind Clean Coal Campaign Touts Success

Earlier this year we reported that the public relations firm behind the coal industry's multi-million dollar marketing blitz to put a clean shiny new face on coal was boasting their ability to manipulate the opinions of both Democratic and Republican politicians.

Clean coal fired energy plants - just aren't clean

Clean coal fired energy plants just aren't "clean" no matter how much coal industry lobby groups want us to think they are.

I came across a report the other day by the Union of Concerned Scientists outlining all the nasty stuff emitted from the average US clean coal fired energy plants.

It's quite shocking.

Clean Coal Lobby has their Work Cut Out for Them

I remember it was almost a year ago now that we started Coal is Dirty and it's lonely little single page orphan site Coal is Clean. Since then the oppostion to the spindoctors and coal lobbyists spending millions to try and refram coal as somehow being clean has grown leaps and bounds.

Here's a small sampling of some of the many bloggers who have done a great job at dispelling this myth.

Celebrate, C'mon! (Seriously, please c'mon) Anti-coal protesters out on Monday: ~2,500 Pro-coal protesters out on Monday: 15 + this guy.

On Monday afternoon, pro-coal activists like the impassioned young man shown above gathered near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. as part of a “Celebrate Coal!” counter-protest against a massive anti-coal rally taking place at the nearby Capitol Power Plant.


"Clean" Coal and "Healthy" Cigarettes - Coal Industry Huckster Won't Admit Burning Coal Causes Climate Change

Joe Lucas has a hard job. He's the PR huckster that heads up the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, the front group that shills for the coal industry.


Political trickery keeping Kansas coal plans alive

If you thought the application to expand a coal-fired electricity plant in Kansas was dead, think again.

Big Coal and their political allies in the Kansas State legislature have introduced a slick new Bill that if passed will make it very difficult for the massive Sunflower Electric coal plant expansion to not go ahead.

Clean Coal is a Joke

A little Christmas humor from online personality Rob Cottingham at Social Signal who knows all too well that clean coal is a joke. 2008-12-23-cleancoalchristmascartoon.gif

Big Coal CEO thinks environmentalist are communist, greeniacs who lie

Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy (NYSE: MEE) the fourth largest coal producer in the United States thinks Gore, Pelosi, Reid and environmentalists are crazy, atheist, communist Greeniacs who lie about climate change and other environmental issues.

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