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No more 'No New Coal'?

Thanks to the good work of the Sierra Club and a large coalition of
western and Utah organizations, the phrase ‘No New Coal’ may have gone
WAY out of style today. The Environmental Appeals Board of the EPA just
ruled that the EPA has the authority to establish a Best Available
Control Technology (BACT) limit for carbon dioxide.

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Are you willing to take a seat in front of the bulldozers?

Activists blockade Dominion HQ to protest Wise County plant construction

Last week, the state Air Pollution Control Board in Virginia aproved pollution permits for the $1.8 billion, 585-megawatt power plant in Wise County - granting Dominion Virginia Power the final go-ahead to begin construction on the plant.

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Clean or Not, Coal Ain’t Cheap

Yesterday’s announcement by New York City Comptroller William E. Thompson Jr requesting a review of the financial and environmental risks associated with the use of tax-exempt financing for the construction of new coal-fired power plants is the latest in a string of what I would call ‘learning moments’ for the financial sector.


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