Activists expose coal-to-liquids as a false solution

Local activists with DC Rising Tide interrupted a coal industry conference today at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. They denounced coal-to-liquid technology as a corporate scam.

Coal to liquid and carbon capture technologies have been used as a life line for the coal industry. Those who oppose this technology recognize that it is a path which only worsens our reliance on destructive fossil fuels. 

"We have had enough of corporations trying to keep us hooked on polluting fossil fuels. They seek to profit from climate change and the destruction of Appalachia," said Amanda Duzak.

Activists deployed a banner from the balcony of the conference room that read "Coal takes lives, renewable energy now". Others stood in the audience presenting speeches to refute the statements from coal and oil executives from Chevron, World Coal Institute, World Petroleum Council and Consol Energy.

The group called for an end to the use of fossil fuels and the adoption of clean, renewable community-based energy sources. Ethan Nuss, another activist who participated, commented that "my conscience would not allow me to be silent while the world's coal and oil companies discuss a fuel that causes twice as much global warming pollution as oil. Complacency with such destruction is morally reprehensible."

Coal to liquid technology seeks to convert coal to oil for transportation. Not only does it result in double the global warming emissions as oil, it would lead to an increase in coal mining which destroys rivers and threatens community health.

"Pound for pound, coal produces more CO2 than almost any other form of energy production. If we're serious about tackling climate change, we absolutely must stop mining and burning coal. Coal to liquid technology is a step in the wrong direction for our air, water and climate" said Michael Weber of Rising Tide. 

Three of the seven activists were temporarily detained by security, however non were arrested. "The future is now yours" Madeline Garnder told them. "I am so happy that we interrupted their conference. Wherever the profiteers of climate change, of mountain top removal, of air and water pollution meet, citizens who care about a safe and healthy future will be there to stop them."

DC Rising Tide is a grassroots group of activists working towards climate justice by debunking false solutions and advocating a community based, clean energy future.
DC Rising Tide activists disrupt 2009 World Coal to Liquids Conference and demand real solutions.